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December 12, 2019by e-PlanSoft™ Team

In today’s time, it is harder and harder for governments to carry their legal processes through the antedated methodologies that once were so efficient – working in a paper-driven environment. With multitudes of cases being filed daily, it becomes almost impossible for Local Government to meet the evolving expectations of the residents in the body`s jurisdiction.

As contemporary problems call for contemporary solutions, e-PlanREVIEW® (EPR) has become a singular solution for all government agencies as it not only provides flexibility and easy accessibility but also allows them to tackle cost-related issues, while ensuring data is protected and maintained.

Transforming Government with e-PlanSoft™

The easy to use cloud-based electronic plan review solution, e-PlanREVIEW®, is specifically designed keeping in mind the government`s code of conduct. This web-based system enables a simultaneous review process, where different government agencies can check their codes while making innovative amendments whenever they want, that too in a paperless environment.

Here are some of the key factors on how e-PlanSoft makes work fast and cost-friendly for the government sector.

Cost Savings with EPR

The major goal of every institution, public or private, is to save as much money as possible. While it is hard to get this job done, especially for a government, e-PlanSoft has all the required features to maintain efficient work within a small budget.

As all the work is done online, there is no need to install software and hardware on every desktop present in the office. Thus, all the money spent on paper plans, IT department hardware maintenance, stamps, and workspace, can be cut down to a great extent using this technology, leading to increase collection of revenues.

It also cuts down on drive time for your applicants who are submitting their plan sets. No longer will they need to drive to the Civic Halls to turn in these massive plan sets. This reduces their gas pricing, the wear and tear on the vehicles, the emissions and even the need for additional parking at civic halls.

Better Accessibility with EPR

The enhanced “real-time” team collaboration features of EPR enable not only the users within the government offices to get access to a particular document, but external users all around the world. With Project Team Membership, agencies can regulate access to project data for users within and outside of a given project team filter, allowing for increased control, flexibility, and security in providing appropriate access as needed.  Better collaboration is made easier and more secure with flexible permissions and concurrent plan reviews. These more flexible user permissions allow users to configure standard permissions templates across multiple user role types.  Users can also belong to one or as many groups/departments as needed.

The Assignment distribution tools help set user-defined rules to automatically route incoming review assignments to team members. The users can easily route the incoming data or make changes in it online, while the other users will be informed automatically. It also gives the chance to be a part of more than one group or department ensuring a great deal of team collaboration.

Saving Time with EPR

The conventional methods of satisfying plan design disputes may include a lot of travel for important meetings that in turn slows down the design-build process. Robust Comment Management ensures that all the team members, whether external or internal, have online access to every document in a seamless way, eradicating the concept of long-awaited cycle times. Residents, developers, and design professionals, as a result, have ease in the submission of important documents by simply uploading it on the innovative e-PlanREVIEW® system.

e-PlanREVIEW® is more than just an online cloud-based (SaaS) that proves to be advantageous for the government sector to just reduce the cost and time of operations, but is a comprehensive solution to the government sector`s data management problems, as it significantly improves the service-delivery of the entire sector while keeping costs low.