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One Solution For All REVIEW Purposes.


goPost Transparent

e-PlanSoft’s goPost™ Citizen Self-Service Portal is a fully web-based application that is tightly integrated into e-PlanREVIEW® and can support various ‘user roles’.

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goPost Transparent (1)

Convert your clunky paper or PDF forms into convenient browser-based forms for customers. Collect all the data you need with e-PlanFORM in one place and available within goPost. 

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PDF Scout (1)

Embedded into e-PlanREVIEW® and goPost™, PDF Scout can identify some known issues in the PDF files prior to assignments being created. Documents that do not pass Scout inspection will not proceed for plan review.

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PDF Scout


How e-PlanSoft™ Improves the Plan Check Process

Seamless integration into agency permitting systems

Event log records the important activity during review

Expediting agency reviews and minimizing bin times

Standard comment database tool for easy comment adding and code reference

Clear visual plan/document management and tracking

Reporting and status updates on the review-in-progress

Assemble professional, easy-to-read, aggregated corrections reports quickly

All permit information is tracked and recorded

Conduct simultaneous reviews across different disciplines and/or departments

Enhanced markup tools and document versioning