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Plan Review Software

The e-PlanSoft™ suite of products provides practical solutions to streamline and improve efficiency and effectiveness in electronic plan reviews saving time and money.




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e-PlanREVIEW® is a web-based electronic plan review solution that allows for a well-coordinated, collaborative review process where multiple reviewers can mark up plans simultaneously, making the review process faster and more accurate.


e-PlanSoftTM  Products


Public Access Any Time

This Citizen Self-Service portal allows applicants to apply for permits, upload and submit plans for review, manage document versioning, access reviewer comment reports, and download reviewed and approved plans.


Browser-based Forms

Convert your paper or PDF forms into convenient browser-based forms. Collect all the data you need with e-PlanFORM in one place and available within goPost. For example, applications, checklists, surveys, and other forms that are needed for your projects!

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The PDF Inspector Tool

Embedded into e-PlanREVIEW® and goPost™, PDF Scout can identify known issues in the PDF files prior to assignments being created. Documents that do not pass Scout inspection will not be accepted for plan review.

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