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City of Titusville Selects e-PlanREVIEW® to Create End-to-End Process Improvements in Permitting and Plan Reviews - e-PlanSoft

City of Titusville Selects e-PlanREVIEW® to Create End-to-End Process Improvements in Permitting and Plan Reviews - e-PlanSoft


IRVINE, Calif.—March 2, 2022e-PlanSoft™, developer and provider of the leading cloud-based electronic plan review and document management solutions, today announced the City of Titusville, Florida has selected the company’s flagship product, e-PlanREVIEW®.

e-PlanREVIEW will be integrated with the City’s BS & A permitting platform to create a full end-to-end permitting and plan review solution. The combined solutions will allow for full automation of the processes, enhanced efficiency, and a shift to paperless processes. Adopting the BS & A solution for permitting allowed the City to make great strides in improving its processes for permitting. The addition of e-PlanREVIEW will complement the functionality, resulting in a comprehensive integrated solution that will optimize its permitting and plan review practices.

“We’re looking forward to the full automation that we’ll achieve by adding e-PlanREVIEW,” states Steve Adams, Chief Building Official at the City of Titusville. “The advanced commenting functionality will keep plan review comments with the project and accessible in our BS & A system, saving our staff from redundant entry tasks. Additionally, the Scout Inspection Tool will also reduce the time needed, by relieving our staff from manually adjusting files to fall within required parameters.”

e-PlanREVIEW will be acquired through a contract with Carahsoft for the purchase of the cloud-based plan review solution. Carahsoft serves as e-PlanSoft’s Master Government Aggregator®, making the company’s solutions available through Carahsoft’s reseller partners and contracts, including NASA SEWP V, NASPO ValuePoint, NCPA, NJSBA and OMNIA Partners.

“We are thrilled to connect e-PlanSoft and the City of Titusville to help streamline the City’s plan review processes,” said Lacey Wean, Director who leads Carahsoft’s e-PlanSoft division. “With e-PlanREVIEW, Titusville can securely modernize its permitting and plan review procedures through automated electronic software, eliminating manual data entry and allowing staff to focus on further key initiatives.”

The City processes over 5,000 permit applications per year on average, with approximately 75% of those requiring plan review. The number represents an increase that occurred through the course of the pandemic. With such a large workload, the City understood that to stay abreast of both trends in plan review and permitting practices and the growing number of projects, technology would need to be introduced to its processes that have historically been substantially manual.

e-PlanREVIEW brings a full complement of advanced tools that will enhance efficiency and reduce the time required for plan reviews. Currently, plans are submitted as paper or scans, and staff digitizes them and enters them into the BS & A system. The addition of e-PlanREVIEW allows applicants to submit digital plan sets, which is a growing trend, and easier for applicants. e-PlanSoft’s PDF Scout Inspector Tool will alleviate much of the manual tasks associated with intake. Scout vets incoming plans to ensure files are suitable for review. Currently City staff manually vets and adjusts files. When Scout detects issues, such as legibility, orientation, or others, it rejects the submittal and provides the applicant with the information needed to adjust the file and resubmit. For agencies that receive paper files, it’s not uncommon for turnaround time on plan reviews to be impacted by several days, as there may be issues that aren’t detected until the first reviewer begins the review process.

“It’s gratifying to bring a solution to an agency that will benefit so well from its deployment,” states Harrison Longhurst, Regional Sales Manager at e-PlanSoft. “The flexibility of e-PlanREVIEW and its seamless integration with the City’s BS & A permitting platform, address the City’s needs optimally, and perfectly complement the functionality of the permitting platform to create a full end-to-end solution that will optimize the City’s processes.”

The City will realize significantly improved efficiency and time savings throughout the full plan review process. Among the tools and benefits that will positively affect its processes, e-PlanREVIEW’s comments capabilities will be among the most impactful. Time required for the full process is reduced by eliminating the need to manually enter plan review comments into the permitting solution. The City will also enjoy the full benefit of flexible viewing options and version control, as well as the PDF Scout Inspector Tool, which vets incoming files to ensure they are suitable for review.

“We are excited that our integration with e-PlanREVIEW will serve the City of Titusville,” states Tim Giesen, Vice President at BS & A Software. “The interface between our applications delivers efficiency and seamless continuity in all planning and construction processes.”

About the City of Titusville
One of the centerpieces of Florida’s Space Coast, Titusville is the only place on the planet where rockets launch, sea turtles nest and soothing sunrises give way to inviting surf. Titusville is a perfect, down-to-earth launching pad for tours of the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge and Canaveral National Seashore. In Titusville, you will find accommodations for every budget, a full range of dining options, including plenty of opportunities to taste the local delicacy known as rock shrimp, a nostalgic downtown filled with quirky shops, and rich, unspoiled natural landscapes that beckon explorers of all ages.

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