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January 11, 2022by e-PlanSoft™ Team


DOVER, Del. and IRVINE, Calif.—January 11, 2022:  Clariti, provider of permitting and licensing software solutions for state and local governments, and leading cloud-based electronic document review software provider e-PlanSoft,  have partnered to release a pre-configured integration that will enable a seamless permit review process, and a central access point for plan review, markups, and approval.

“We are excited to partner with e-PlanSoft to deliver a seamless integration of their electronic plan review capabilities and our permitting workflow software to support governments through their digital transformations.”

– Cyrus Symoom, Clariti Co-CEO

 Offering complementary functionality from both solutions, the integration supports a dramatically streamlined permitting workflow and improves accessibility and transparency for all stakeholders involved in the permit issuance process. A traditionally slow and siloed process, the integration will help governments keep up with growing building permit demand and make it easier for applicants to submit and make revisions to their plans, and for staff to collaborate with other departments, external stakeholders, and applicants.

“We are delighted to partner with Clariti. The fruition of the integration between Clariti’s state-of-the-art permitting platform with e-PlanREVIEW® represents an excellent opportunity for public agencies to achieve a new level of efficiency in the permitting and plan review process.”

 – Kalib Drake, e-PlanSoft VP, Sales and Marketing

With the integration, governments are able to complete each step in the permitting and plan review process digitally, leveraging the best features from both Clariti’s Building Permit Solution, and e-PlanSoft’s e-PlanREVIEW that support better collaboration and quicker turnaround times, including:

  • A fully integrated self-service portal that allows applicants to apply for a permit, submit plans, review markups, and pay fees – all online through Clariti’s Community Portal.
  • Document Versioning to ensure all participants are working on the most current version of plans and documents, with an easy view of all comments, markups, and revisions.
  • Data centralization and real-time sharing between the two solutions. Plans are automatically organized by the land parcel and/or address and are easily searchable by staff.

Available now, the seamless integration allows for easy data sharing between solutions, and for plans to be shared between Clariti and e-PlanSoft with the click of a button, streamlining the critical plan review process, and removing the need for paper or other manual tools. With the partnership, the companies are equipped to support public agencies with the most user-friendly end-to-end permitting solution and to make the experience of acquiring a building permit more straightforward for everyone.

 About Clariti

 Clariti is a 100% software-as-a-service (SaaS) company offering innovative and empowering permitting and licensing solutions for state and local governments. Trusted by governments of all sizes across North America, our solutions support effortless permitting and licensing management, and on average, 50-75% quicker turnaround times.

 About ePlansoft

e-PlanSoft develops industry-leading cloud-based electronic document review software that assists governmental agencies, construction and manufacturing industries, developers, and owners with their plan review, design review, product review, construction, and asset review management in real-time.