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January 31, 2020by e-PlanSoft™ Team

If your construction company isn’t utilizing the cloud in your daily operations to coordinate projects with their team, then your success may become increasingly limited as other agencies increasingly go digital.

Cloud computing has completely replaced the conventionalities of how businesses carry out their operations. No longer confined to a particular place or building, businesses are carrying out their operations on-the-go, via state of the art cloud-technology.

From public offices to private industries, cloud-computing has taken the business milieu by storm. Many CIO’s are replacing standard management solutions with cloud-technology, due to their reliability, ease of use, accessibility, and affordability.

Effective Project Management with e-PlanREVIEW®: The Singular Cloud-Based Solution 

e-PlanREVIEW® (EPR) is a cloud-based electronic plan review software designed to be used for performing code compliance review, design review constructability review, RFI review, shop drawing review, value engineering review and construction  inspection processes in the quickest and most accurate manner possible. Providing markup overlays, commenting capabilities, remote collaboration, and electronic stamping technologies, e-PlanSoft has been accredited to be the success factor behind a number of businesses operating nation-wide. How can your company benefit from using e-PlanREVIEW® as its singular cloud-based management solution? Let’s find out!

  1. Cost Effective Paperless Environment

The success of a project doesn’t only depend on the ends, but also on its means. In this regard, e-PlanSoft not only makes the projects you’re completing economical, but also convenient by taking the review process online.  Operational savings including reduction of paper, field inspection diary books, and mileage for trips to/from the project office, as well as addressing the environmental concerns by fulfilling corporate social responsibility (CSR). This applies for private owners and developers using EPR as well.

  1. Improved Access – Anywhere, Anytime Data Access Capabilities

This feature of EPR allows you to work with your team, whether in the office or on the field, from different parts of the globe, on a same document, and in real-time. Joe can reply to John’s comment while on vacation or walking a different building. Amber can ask about the fire door from the office.  And with the use of AWS there’s no need to worry about being on the fastest version, since you’ll always be on it.

  1. Real-time Concurrent Collaboration Review

This term is used for software that allows multiple users to work together on a project simultaneously. With EPR, your team can work better together with the right tool. Collaborate directly on any project with real-time markups and comments without the need to publish, allowing you to sync on-the-go. The “comment response thread” feature supports secure collaboration even with external contributors to reduce back and forth between involved parties and expedite project timelines.

  1. Hardware/Software Independence

EPR is a software application able to function on a wide variety of devices regardless of the local hardware on which it’s being used. It’s not OS dependent and will run on any system capable of running a supported browser.  As an out-of-the-box solution, EPR is highly configurable, so your company has the ability to configure list item values displayed throughout the system, configure report templates, and comment library content among other features. Allowing your company to cut costs in maintenance, reduce infrastructure and reduce business operations.

  1. Always Updated = Continual Improvement

The current EPR release is version 2.3.2 as published in January 2020.  EPR follows a monthly release schedule, with new releases pushed to client’s portal during off-hours to ensure no interruptions in service. Upgrade services are provided without additional charges while you’re on EPR, meaning you’ll never have to pay more.

  1. Cloud Security = Company Security

Deployed in e-PlanSoft’s Amazon Cloud, EPR utilizes the best in class for Cloud technology, ensuring strong security and removing the burden On Premises installation footprint. With EPR, you can improve your ability to meet core security and compliance requirements such as data locality, protection and confidentiality to help protect you, your clients, and your projects.

  1. Easy API’s That Streamline Your Operations

Construction companies that leverage the power of EPR will also have the advantage of using easy to connect API’s. APIs are used to integrate to a partner system, like a Permitting or equivalent system, in order to connect workflows and exchange files. Our easy to connect with APIs make integration straightforward so your company can be more productive with the guarantee of more fluid information delivery and an integrated user experience to help align all your systems.


All in all, e-PlanREVIEW®, while being extensively cost-effective, is a remarkable solution towards managing every single construction project seamlessly and in the most effective manner possible. In order to stay relevant with your clients over the next few years, your company is going to have to meet their demand for expedited process times and services.  Utilizing EPR and the cloud will provide that level of service and more.  Need to learn more about e-PlanSoft`s offerings? Visit, and look for yourself, the extensive capabilities it offers to both public and private businesses.