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Bridging AEC Plan Review Workflows with e-PlanREVIEW® - e-PlanSoft

Bridging AEC Plan Review Workflows with e-PlanREVIEW® - e-PlanSoft

It is indisputable that in today’s technically advanced era, Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industries house by far the biggest production units; and this goes without saying that the results to big production projects are workflows and processes that are simply not easy to handle. With a constant stream of data flowing in from every direction, these business units, in majority of the cases, work with flawed output, as the input generated by the antedated design review systems installed is often neither accurate nor reliable.

To bridge this gap between quality production and the AEC firms, e-PlanREVIEW® (EPR) proves to be just the lifesaver that translates hectic process flows into well-managed and easily controlled workflows. While the obsolete methods imbued with flawed RFPs and proposals cost much more, EPR doesn’t only cost less, but also makes the management of constant inflow of information as manageable as possible, while increasing efficiencies and reducing turnaround time to result.

While EPR in itself is a complete electronic plan review solution, listed hereunder, are some of the vital elements that make EPR the most perfect review system for the AEC industry.

Enhanced Team Collaboration

Teamwork makes the dream work! What good is a team of hundred individuals that cannot get the desired output mainly because they do not have proper communication channels amongst them?

EPR, in this regard, proves to be the singular communication channel required by any AEC business, as it stores and tracks all comments and markups made on a plan or within a project; responses by other users on a comment follow a threaded comment format to easily view input from other users and the resulting change to the comment.  Moreover, the assignment distribution tools of EPR allow the users to automatically keep track which groups or individuals is responsible for a review and where they are in the process. The flexible user permissions let you be a part of more than one group or department as per the need to ensure each user can participate they are responsible for or have the expertise to perform.

Enhanced Versioning and Overlay

This web-based plan is designed in such a way that huge architectural and constructional agencies can meet anywhere in the world, without being actually present there.

The page comparison tool, through easy markups, identifies changes made from version to version, while still having access to the previous data, just in case editing is to be done. For big firms like those in architecture and construction, where multipage documentation is often the requirement, opening more than one PDF, within the same document, is also an option that can be availed by the users.

Cloud-Based Platform

While going virtual may appear to be handy for many businesses, for the AEC industry, it is simply a requirement. The constant feed of work requires constant changes in the business decisions (sometimes direction), making real-time discussions and collaboration simply necessary for the correct inflow of data and information.

EPR, in this regard, as a cloud-based computing platform, allows its users to virtually access the documents, regardless of their position, place, or time. The simultaneous access given by the cloud-managed system proves to be just the deal-breaker when it comes to aligning every user on a single page for a well-coordinated decision-making regime.


It is in this manner, EPR, through its amazing paperless environment makes the workflow easy to manage. Apart from curtailing the time-wastage and miscommunication gaps in the AEC industry, EPR can also be used for managing resources and assuring swift operations across the business in every domain, including reducing the overall cycle time. Need the EPR for your AEC business? Feel free to give us a visit at www.eplansoft.com.