How Electronic Plan Review is Revolutionizing Government Processes

April 3, 2023by e-PlanSoft™ Team

It is said that municipalities carry the stigma of being behind the rest of the industry when considering using digital deliverables. Digital deliverables are quickly becoming the industry standard. So it’s no surprise municipalities want to stay up to that standard and reflect the changes in the AEC industry. 

Here’s what planning officials need to know to change that perception and speed up their process.

Design and construction workflows have never evolved more quickly than in the past two decades. These changes affect everyone throughout the project lifecycle, including municipalities. With PDFs being the industry standard deliverable, cities need help to catch up because they need more technology infrastructure to fully support digital permit review. While construction projects continue, permits need to be issued and drawings reviewed. Eplan software provides this necessary support from a technology standpoint while enhancing real-time team collaboration.

Government Planning1

Below are ways ePlanSofts Eplan review can be beneficial. 

For one, ePlanSoft provides substantial time savings to permit review by speeding up the approval process, clearing up cross-departmental confusion, reducing wait times, and keeping applicants satisfied

Whether small efficiencies with common markups or streamlined delivery of more detailed information. More accurate reviews happen significantly faster and with better correspondence throughout project lifecycles. 

With the EPR tool, you can access plans from anywhere, anytime, as long as you have an internet connection.

Along with eliminating offsite storage, we can only imagine how data-rich these digital files will be when tenant improvement, reconstruction, or demolition projects come along in the future.  

Best of all, the EPR tool combines all comments into a straightforward solution that eliminates paper trails and loss of documentation. In addition, real-time comments can be captured across multiple departments into one central location to create the comment letter and speed up the review process tremendously. 

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