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June 1, 2022by Morgan Longhurst


IRVINE, CA—June 1, 2022: e-PlanSoft™, a leading developer and provider of cloud-based electronic plan review and inspection solutions, will be adding to our sixteen recorded patents with the United States Patent Office.

The new patents (US Patent Nos. 11,295,066, 11,334,711, 11,271,983), which pertain to the use capability within electronic plan reviews are additional components that build on the company’s previous patents, “Management Of Building Plan Documents Utilizing Comments And A Correction List,” “System And Method For Dynamic Linking Between Graphic Documents And Comment Data Bases,” and “Systems And Methods For Augmenting Electronic Content.”  The new patents relate to technologies for adding comments and approval annotations to electronic plans, providing search tools for locating comments, identifying differences in graphic files, and conducting real-time video-chat enabled inspections

The company is well-regarded for its continuing innovation in the electronic plan review realm, a reputation that is further proven with each advancement to the solutions it provides. “These patents will continue to strengthen our company’s expertise in electronic plan review and inspection,” says Dr. Michael Chegini, Chief Executive Officer at e-PlanSoft.

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e-PlanSoft™ develops industry-leading cloud-based electronic document review software that assists governmental agencies, construction and manufacturing industries, developers, and owners with their plan review, design review, product review, construction inspection, and asset inspection  in real-time.


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