e-PlanSoft™ Continues Enforceability of Patent Granted on Functionality to Annotate Videos Used in Plan Reviews - e-PlanSoft

February 11, 2021by e-PlanSoft™ Team


Irvine, Calif. – February 11, 2021—e-PlanSoft™, a leading provider of electronic plan review and document management solutions, today announced that its patent on video annotation functionality, granted in 2017, has confirmed its interval maintenance requirement to retain its enforceability.

Patent #9,792,024, titled “Systems and Methods for Management and Processing of Electronic Documents Using Video Annotations,” was issued in October, 2017. As is typical among utility patents, periodic maintenance fees are required to retain enforceability. e-PlanSoft has committed to continue with the patent’s maintenance.

The patented functionality provides the ability to make annotations to video files that have been submitted for building inspections, using geometrical shapes and metadata to generate a project-related task. The ability to annotate such submissions is another way that e-PlanSoft stays ahead of the curve with plan review processes.

“Our patented video annotation functionality will be a differentiator in the realm of video inspections,” stated Jon Changkachith, Chief Technology Officer at e-PlanSoft. “Throughout our history of product development and delivery, it is a point of pride that we are able to provide leading edge functionality that legitimately improves the plan review and permitting process at every step.”

About e-PlanSoft:
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