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How goPost™ is Improving the Plan Review Process

How goPost™ is Improving the Plan Review Process

How e-PlanSoft™'s goPost™ Citizen Self-Service Portal is Improving the Plan Review Process.

The goPost™ product by e-PlanSoft™ is a game changer, and here is why. You work in the planning and development office, and it's inundated with physical paper plans submitted for your review and approval. The workroom in this office is limited because of how much space is being taken up by the previously submitted plans. This new development is positive, but it has been complex for you to focus on getting your plan reviews completed. Your colleagues working in permitting are experiencing a line out the door daily filled with individuals and business owners who talk while waiting in line to submit their plans to join in on the exciting new community development.


While pondering at your desk, you can't help but think, "There has to be a better way to do this." Then your friend in a neighboring town tells you about this product, e-PlanREVIEW®, that is changing the development space by digitizing plan review and how the public portal, goPost™, has helped streamline organization for their town.


You realize that you've heard of what e-PlanREVIEW® is, but you have never heard of goPost™. You reach out to a contact at e-PlanSoft™ recommended by your friend, and this is what you learn: e-PlanSoft™ is the leading provider of electronic plan review software. Our suite of products provides practical solutions to both public and private sectors to streamline and improve efficiency and effectiveness in plan reviews, saving time and money.  


One of the most revered products in our suite is the goPost™ Citizen Self-Service Portal. This article will discuss the benefits of using this product and its best features. 


About goPost™ Citizen Self-Service Portal

e-PlanSoft's goPost™ Citizen Self-Service Portal is a fully web-based application tightly integrated into e-PlanREVIEW® and can support various 'user roles.'


The goPost™ portal allows applicants to apply for permits, upload and submit plans for review, manage document versioning, access reviewer comment reports, and download deliverable packages (either reviewed plans that require corrections or approved plan sets). 


There is no cost to the applicants to create a goPost login account. In addition, agencies can grant customers full access to goPost online 24 hours a day, seven days a week, or restrict submittals to a desired schedule, whichever is preferred. 

goPost eplanning Software

Submit your plans from anywhere with goPost™

Below are some of the key features of goPost™:

  • The user interface will provide links for applicants to view submittal guidelines. 
  • Any PDFs uploaded will pass through our PDF Scout™ Inspector, which will reject incoming documents that do not meet best submittal practices.
  • Applicants may create and manage many (unlimited) permit application projects.
  • Applicants receive automated email notifications when their project application's status changes.
  • Agency staff evaluates incoming submittals to ensure they meet submission criteria before accepting them for plan review or notifying applicants of deficiencies requiring attention.
  • Intake staff can 'Accept' goPost™ projects and push files to EPR for processing and review.
  • This reduces the plan review processing times by eliminating the need for trips to submit plans in person.

The best way to grasp the power of e-PlanSoft’s products, including goPost™, is to see them in action. Request a demo today! 

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