Here at e-PlanSoft™, we know it's not just about having a great product; it's about ensuring that the product continually meets the dynamic needs of its users. 

This ethos was evident in a recent conversation with Patrick Sweeney, Senior Applications Analyst from the City of Omaha Planning DepartmentAs a long-term customer, Patrick's insights offer a unique perspective into how the city's valuable feedback has been seamlessly integrated into our product updates, fortifying our belief that the best innovations are often born from collaboration. 

In this case study, we dive deep into the transformative journey of the City of Omaha and highlight how genuine partnership and open communication can catalyze positive change in any workplace.

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City of Omaha: Background 

The City of Omaha's engagement with us has been a long-standing relationship rooted in trust and mutual growth. Their continued patronage speaks volumes about the symbiotic nature of our association, where both parties learn, evolve, and benefit. 

However, as with any substantial relationship, there have been challenges along the way. One of the prominent issues highlighted during various conferences revolves around the omnipresent "people problems." As the digital wave sweeps across industries, resistance to change emerges as a significant roadblock. 

Traditional methods and ingrained habits often act as comfort zones for many, making transitioning to modern digital solutions an uphill task. Within this context, pushing for change wasn't merely about introducing a new tool or software but about reshaping mindsets, redefining workflows, and reinforcing the belief that change, while daunting, can be a catalyst for unparalleled efficiency and growth. 

Omaha's Digital Transformation Journey 

"Once our team got to actually test the product out and use it and see what it can do, they were pretty much on board right away." Patrick Sweeney, Senior Applications Analyst from the City of Omaha.  

The City of Omaha's progression from traditional methods to a more efficient, digital future was facilitated by the introduction of e-PlanSoft. This transition symbolizes an adaptation to new technology and a cultural shift towards embracing innovation and forward-thinking strategies. 

Key Changes Implemented

Empowering External Departments: The city took proactive measures to ensure a smooth transition and encourage active participation. Computers were provided to external departments like Fire and Public Works, and their licenses were paid for, facilitating their move to the digital platform. 

Addressing Internal Resistance: Any change is often met with inertia, and the transition to e-PlanSoft™ was no exception. However, internal staff gradually came on board by emphasizing the advantages of going digital and offering hands-on experiences with the product. The tangible benefits they witnessed played a significant role in mitigating any initial apprehensions. 

Tangible Benefits:

Paperwork Reduction: One of the immediately noticeable advantages was the drastic reduction in physical paperwork. Gone were the days of transferring notes manually across multiple sets of plans. 

Efficient Review Processes: With e-PlanSoft, the review process became more streamlined and efficient. Multiple departments could collaborate seamlessly, providing more feedback became more manageable, and ensuring that projects stayed on track was a breeze. 

The journey of the City of Omaha with e-PlanSoft exemplifies the positive ripple effects that a well-thought-out digital transformation can bring about, not just in operational efficiency but also in the overall mindset of an organization. 

e-PlanSoft and Our Feedback Implementation 

"You get to see what you envision as well come to fruition, and it's nice to see that." 

At the heart of our success here at e-PlanSoft lies a deep commitment to listening and adapting. Recognizing that customer feedback is valuable and essential for product refinement and improvement, the company places a high premium on this invaluable resource. 

City of Omaha Testimony: Omaha's experience with e-PlanSoft™ shows we're not just talking the talk. Their firsthand account highlights our company's dedication to incorporating user suggestions, underscoring its customer-centric approach. 

Feedback Turnaround: An impressive aspect of e-PlanSoft's feedback mechanism is the speed at which suggestions are integrated. The City of Omaha highlighted that most of the features suggested by users like them would manifest in software updates in as little as six months. This prompt responsiveness is a testament to the company's commitment to continuous improvement. 

Comparisons to Competitors 

While many software providers talk the talk, e-PlanSoft has proven that we can walk the customer feedback integration walk. Our unique selling proposition is not just in the robustness of their software but in our active engagement with customers. 

Actively Integrating Customer Input: Where other competitors allow themselves to become complacent, e-PlanSoft sets itself apart by actively seeking, listening to, and integrating customer input to refine and enhance product features. Our proactive approach leads to a better product and fosters a loyal customer base that feels heard and valued. 

Looking to the Future and Conclusion 

As the digital landscape continually evolves, so does our ethos here at e-PlanSoft. At the forefront of this evolution is a steadfast commitment to value and act upon the insights and feedback from its user community. 

Reaffirming Core Values Through Our Rebrand 

A reflection of our commitment is evident in the rebranding of the website. This is not merely a superficial change; it's a statement. By emphasizing our core values in such a visible manner, e-PlanSoft is broadcasting its intent always to keep customers at the center of our universe. 

A Competitive Edge 

While we know many factors contribute to a company's success, our customer-centric approach offers a distinct competitive advantage. By actively listening to and integrating feedback, e-PlanSoft delivers a superior product and fosters deep-seated loyalty among our users. 

In conclusion, e-PlanSoft™’s journey with the City of Omaha is a shining example of how combining innovative technology and a deep respect for customer feedback can pave the way for enduring success. As we move forward, our foundations are rooted in these principles to ensure a promising and impactful future. 

Join the Future of Digital Planning 

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