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e-PlanSoft™ Vice President of Finance

John Kalkanian


John Kalkanian

Vice President of Finance

John Kalkanian is a distinguished financial leader with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of California, Paul Merage School of Business, and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of California, Irvine. Throughout his career, he has held pivotal roles such as Accounting Manager, Controller, Finance Director, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and Executive Manager, where he has been instrumental in formulating and implementing financial strategies, policies, and goals with remarkable precision and accuracy.

John's extensive experience spans managing financial systems across various departments, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards, and optimizing financial operations through his deep knowledge of economic analysis and HR processes. His exceptional problem-solving skills and ability to perform under pressure have allowed him to excel in roles at Orange County Consulting, Allyance Communications, Inc., DB Studios, Inc., and CPD Accessories, Inc. At these organizations, he has successfully managed complex financial functions, streamlined processes, and achieved significant cost savings, reflecting his strategic insight.

Beyond his professional achievements, John has actively contributed to his community, serving as Treasurer for Savannah's Organic Ranch and Capo Unified PTA and coaching youth soccer. His commitment to excellence, continuous learning, and community involvement underscores his dedication to his profession and making a positive impact in his community. John Kalkanian's comprehensive expertise and leadership make him a valuable asset in any financial management role.

John Kalkanian