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e-PlanSoft™ Product Advisor

Darrell Lewis


Darrell Lewis

Product Advisor

Mr. Lewis has dedicated the past twenty-three years to developing and deploying software solutions to support Government agencies and the public sector while employed at Accela, focusing on increasing performance and efficiency for both agency staff and the public they serve. He possesses a deep knowledge of Government domains, including permitting, planning, enforcement, licensing, and other related regulatory processes. Darrell was instrumental in developing the initial integration between Accela and ePlanSoft™ to support seamless electronic plan review as an integral part of the permitting process.

Darrell’s decades-long background and experience in Architecture offered a unique opportunity to leverage CAD and electronic documents in the infancy of this technology. They fostered a lifelong interest in electronic records in support of the electronic plan review process. He looks forward to working with ePlanSoft™ in an advisory role to help envision and promote ePlanSoft™s next generation of industry-leading electronic plan review solutions.

Mr. Lewis possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture and Environmental Design and a Master’s Degree in Architecture and Urban Design from Virginia Tech.

Darrell Lewis