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e-PlanSoft™ Product Manager 

Caleb Harshbarger


Caleb Harshbarger 

Product Manager


Caleb Harshbarger is a Development and Integration Manager at e-PlanSoft™ with experience since 2011 in the government sector. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. With his technical skills and personal skills in management, leadership, and problem-solving, Caleb has been successful in various project roles, such as Team Manager, Project Director, Project Manager, and Technical Lead/Implementor.
At e-PlanSoft™, Caleb manages and implements their products and integrations on government-specific projects that involve multiple software products, including Infor, Accela, and other software providers. He is also an implementation manager and/or implementation specialist in solo or team projects. Caleb's technical expertise includes SaaS, networking, JavaScript, .NET, PHP, Agile Development, and Software Lifecycles. Additionally, he is a certified Scrum Master and Scrum Developer.
Caleb's ability to manage and implement complex software solutions that meet client needs has made him a valuable member of the e-PlanSoft™ team. With his vast experience in the government sector and technical expertise, Caleb Harshbarger is an accomplished Development and Integration Manager.

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