Extra Resources

2021 e-PlanSoft Brochure
goPost Public Portal Datasheet
PDF Scout Datasheet
REVIEWSessions Datasheet
OSHPD Case Study
Accela Case Studies
Multi-Jurisdiction Reviewer Use Case
Wild Rivers Case Study
Transtech Engineers, Inc. Case Study
Many-to-One Integration Model Use Case

What makes us
different from others?

Reduce the need for staff to physically manage email and paper plans.
Improve communication between reviewers and case managers, even in different departments and locations.
Efficient collaboration, scalability, and accessibility by multiple City departments and external partners.
Minimize costs for maintaining and configuring the system over the long term as new and changing requirements emerge.
Track plan review process – due dates – alerts and notifications
“Be Green” by providing remote interaction between City departments.
Enable applicants to securely and electronically submit plans for plan review
Controlled Transparency between applicant and City staff.
Reduce the cycle time and/or the number of cycles to submit and review plans.